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If you are interested in correcting teeth that are misaligned, gapped, or crowded, our dentists may recommend ClearCorrect™ clear braces. Unlike traditional braces, which use metal brackets, wires, and bands to straighten your teeth, the ClearCorrect orthodontic system uses a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are custom made to snugly fit over your teeth and gradually guide them to their proper positions in your smile. You will switch sets of aligners every few weeks to continue your smile’s progress until you have achieved ideal alignment.

ClearCorrect holds several advantages over traditional orthodontic treatment. Because the aligners are created from transparent, smooth plastic, they are both discreet and comfortable. In fact, most people will not be able to tell that you are wearing your aligners. The aligners can also be removed easily when you need to eat, brush, or floss. This makes it simple for you to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment and allows you to continue eating all of your favorite foods. To learn more about the benefits of ClearCorrect clear braces, we welcome you to contact Dr. Michelle Davila at Boyd Family Dentistry today!

Your ClearCorrect Process

Are you considering treatment with ClearCorrect aligners? If so, here’s what you need to know:ClearCorrect

Your records — including impressions, photographs and radiographs, along with a prescription for your custom-made aligners — are sent by your dentist to the ClearCorrect laboratory, where an exact 3-D model of your teeth is created. Your ClearCorrect treatment team then maps out a complete treatment plan showing the gradual realignment that will reposition your teeth from their current position to where your dentist wants them to be.

The “treatment set-up,” a computerized representation of your teeth before and after treatment, is available for viewing after treatment planning. You receive your treatment set-up by email and respond with your approval or any adjustment requests. Using the most up-to-date digital mapping and molding technology, custom aligners then are created with computer precision.

How ClearCorrect Works

ClearCorrect treatment involves four phases of aligner therapy. Each phase requires a new set of aligners that are worn for a three-week period. The time between each phase allows for control and flexibility.

ClearCorrect aligners are worn all the time, except when eating and drinking, or while brushing and flossing. Designed with aesthetics in mind, ClearCorrect aligners are barely noticeable and won’t have an impact on your daily routine.

After wearing each aligner set, results will be noticeable as your teeth begin slowly adjusting and aligning to your desired smile. Periodic check-ups with your dentist are required so your progress can be evaluated and you can be given the next set of aligners. This sequence will continue until you have achieved your new, ClearCorrect smile.

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